Updated: Nov 27, 2018

After I gave birth to my baby boy,a lot have changed. The foundation shade that I have been using (for the last 10+ years) no longer covers the brown spot that I gained during my pregnancy.

I have been searching online for the perfect shade and I thought oh well, I really want to try something in the Huda Beauty range but was not really keen to splurge for a bottle in case that shade I 'thought' was right turns out to be wrong.

Can't find a stockist that stocks Huda Beauty in Hong Kong, so I gave up...and then an idea came by. I bet I am not the only one here that has this kind of dilemma, so I guess I can start a page that sells samples for people who want to try different things at a fiction of the price (and then decide if that product is a perfect fit for them (or not!) before splurging out. Hence the birth of Eighteen Catchick Street (the first flat (is in this building!) I moved to since moving to Hong Kong).

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