Skincare Routine - Cleanser - Sisley Cleansing Milk Review

During winter months in the UK, I tried everything I could get my hands on, and I keep coming back to this Sisley cleansing milk with lily (whether I am UK or Hong Kong bound...)

What their website says:


Lyslait is a creamy make-up removing milk that effectively dissolves make-up while maintaining the balance in dry and sensitive skin. Rich in White Lily extract, it creates an immediate sensation of comfort. The skin is left luminous, supple, and soft.


Lyslait removes make-up and creates an immediate sensation of comfort and softness. It leaves the skin luminous, supple, and soft.


Using your fingertips, apply Lyslait to the face and neck in a circular motion for effective make-up removal. Wipe away or rinse off, then complete make-up removal with the use of a toning lotion.

My skin is not at all sensitive, but every now and then I get a red patch here and there (especially with the radiator on max temperature in the UK), but I always feel comfortable using this Sisley cleansing milk. I use it to remove my tinted moisturiser and or my usual SPF too! At around £60, some may say there are other more economical options available, but this is definitely a safe one!

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